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Mission and objectives

UN-Habitat is the United Nations program working for a better urban future. Its mission is to promote the socially and environmentally sustainable development of human settlements and access to decent housing for all.


This volunteering opportunity is supported by the Embassy of Switzerland in Tunisia in the framework of the initiative launched in partnership with UNV in December 2023 to foster youth and disability inclusion through meaningful and impactful volunteering assignments with the United Nations between 2024 and 2026. The UN Volunteer will support the LAMS association for the visually impaired within the framework of UN-Habitat’s urban inclusion initiatives. LAMS association is dedicated to improving the lives of visually impaired individuals, particularly within urban settings. In rapidly urbanizing areas, ensuring the inclusion and accessibility of urban spaces, services, and opportunities for the visually impaired is paramount. The volunteer’s role is to bridge the efforts of LAMS association with the expertise and resources of UN-Habitat, facilitating the implementation of inclusive practices and projects within urban environments.

Task description
  • Under the direct supervision of delegated representatives of LAMS and UNHABITAT, the UN Volunteer will undertake the following tasks:
    • • Support the association in advocating for inclusive policies and regulations in urban development;
    • • Assist in organizing workshops and awareness campaigns to educate urban residents about the needs of the visually impaired;
    • • Assist in documenting successful initiatives and sharing best practices with relevant stakeholders.
    • • Provide assistance with administrative tasks, such as scheduling meetings and prepar-ing reports.
    • • Collaborate with local organizations and stakeholders to mobilize resources for projects and initiatives
    • • Help in communicating the association’s mission and activities through various chan-nels.
    • • Participate in capacity-building activities and training sessions to enhance knowledge and skills related to disability inclusion in urban contexts.
    • • Assist visually impaired individuals in navigating urban environments, such as accom-panying them to appointments or helping them use public transportation.


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