TAMSS recrute Security Consultant

Project overview

Inclusive Security is transforming decision making about war and peace, with its partner the Tunisian Association for Management and Social Stability (TAMSS), hope to implement a 24-month project to support a group of select policewomen in strengthening their leadership around issues related to the security sector and countering violent extremism. This project is modeled from similar projects Inclusive Security has implemented around the globe. Over 24 months, the project will increase the capacity of Tunisian policewomen to affect policymaking related to violent extremism and law enforcement. It will raise public and policymaker awareness of the importance of Tunisian policewomen and seek to facilitate dialogue between civil society and police forces. At the end of the project, a convening with policewomen from Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco to discuss regional challenges and best practices will be held.

Consultant overview

Inclusive Security is seeking a consultant for this project with expertise in the Tunisian security sector to assist with internal background research; help in the development of training materials for a series of 4 workshops over the project period; facilitate meetings with relevant Tunisian officials; provide ongoing support to policewomen participants, as needed; and advise on proper protocol for police training nominations. Candidates with experience in the Tunisian security sector and/or connections to regional security institutions will be prioritized. The ability to speak and write in English is required due to the nature of the activities.

Description of services

  1. Act as an expert resource to Inclusive Security and TAMSS on issues concerning the security sector and security situation in Tunisia, particularly in the preparation of workshop and briefing materials.
  2. Assist Inclusive Security and TAMSS in conducting high-level outreach to key government ministries responsible for approving the nomination of policewomen participants.
  3. Assist in the development of civil society baseline data to help in the guidance of the project.
  4. Lead background research on the security sector to help in the guidance of the project.
  5. Work with TAMSS to facilitate the nomination process of policewomen from Algeria and Morocco and assist with any necessary logistical arrangements to facilitate their travel.
  6. Other advice and support as requested.

Comment postuler

Interested applicants for the position of security consultant should send their cover letter and CV in English to[email protected] No later than January 17th 2017