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    • JOB TITLE : Admin&Logistics Assistant
    • BASE LOCATION : Tunis Office



The department supports the program activities to meet IR objectives; logistics is responsible for the management of the flow of resources, not only goods, between the point of origin and the point of destination in order to meet the requirements of the organization. Logistics involves the integration of information, transportation, inventory, warehousing, material handling, packaging, supply chain and often security.


Providing support to all IR Tunisia operations related to the admin and Logistics.

Department Proposed Structure:

Has regular contact with all IR Tunis office team


Scope of the Role:

The Admin assistant is responsible for the stock of all equipments and managing the proper use and storage of premises
and assets. The Admin assistant is accountable to fulfil his or her roles and responsibilities in line with Islamic values and principles of fairness, humanity, honesty, respect and fair treatment of his/her colleagues and staff. The job holder will report to the unit manager regularly and on the basis of annually defined key performance indicators (KPIs).


  • Overall purpose

Objective 1 Ensure an efficient support to the procurement activities for IR Tunisia country office
Objective 2 Ensure an effective and efficient administrative support to IR Tunisia
Objective 3 Ensure proper Archiving of Admin and Logistics activities under your responsibilities
Specific goals and related activities

    • Objective 1:
      • Ensure an efficient support to the procurement activities for IR Tunisia country office;
        · Provide support with procurement requests and requirements to consolidate office overall requirements and
        optimize purchasing power.
        · Assist with the bidding process, taking into consideration the value of money, quality, compatibility, payment method, warranty, after selling services, and the company´s profile reputation;
        · Initiate the procurement process as per procurement plans.
        · Collect required documents from suppliers for all kind of services and submitted to Logistics officer for verification.
        · Collect the all invoices from suppliers and submit with logistics officer for payment process.
        · Ensure that all received goods/works/services are in accordance with the terms and specifications of the respective PO/Contracts.
        · Verify the quality reports and good receiving.
        · Physical verification of assets in IRT offices
        · Ensuring the pasting of tagging on asset in AO and other offices
        · Keeping in record tag forms, photo copies of invoices, disposal forms and technical reports of assets
        · Handing over the assets to custodian and getting their signs
        · Conduct physical inventory for all IR Tunisia assets in June and December.
        · Submit assets inventory report to the admin and Logistics Coordinator
        · Prepare monthly report on the office consumables (stationaries, utilities…etc).
    • Objective 2:
      • Ensure an effective and efficient administrative support to IR Tunisia:

· Making hotel reservation on receiving the request from other departments
· Payments to hotels against bills
· Air Travel Arrangements
· Ensuring proper arrangements of travel and accommodation of guests
· Collection and submission of monthly utilities bills (Electricity, Telephone, and Mobile…etc)
· Assist in the market survey and pre-qualification of hotels and travel agencies in the areas of intervention of IR Tunisia.
· Purchases for requires items for Tunis Office.
· Process the payments of all facilities as per agreements (lease agreements, utilities…etc).
· Prepare property lease contracts and rental agreements and its amendments;
· Prepare all legal notice or letters related to legal file of the organization.
· Maintaining the country office legal files.

    • Objective 3:
      • Ensure proper Archiving of Admin and Logistics activities under your responsibilities
        · Maintain admin and Logistics document filing orderly and auditable.
        · Maintaining files according to IRT archiving standards and rules.
        · Performs other duties related to the Admin and Logistics as required by the line manager.


· – Prepare Monthly stock report for the office furniture’s and consumables.
· – Prepare bi-annually assets inventory report
· – Prepare a list of qualified hotels and travel agencies(annually)


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